Our Founder

Tanya Ildıroğlu

Tanya Ildıroğlu, Interior and product designer, also the co-founder of Margo. Since 2000, she has been working with her multi-disciplinary Istanbul based team to bring her reflection of thougts to life. Completed many residential, hospitality and commercial projects on project design, product design and project implementation.

Her point of view looking into design is fascinated with what drives people feel alive. However she believes in her self taught design spirit. She brings the cool rational with the warmth of human feelings and uses the contrast of old and new, dark and light, modern and traditional. Her style and approach to design is the way of combining the raw and natural materials in new contexts.



Akbaşoglu Residences
Baş Residence
Büyükhanlı Residence
Çadırcı Residence
Çağlayan Residence
Dashdamirov Residence
Dedeman Residence
Defteralı Residence
Döven Residence
Er Residence
Gürocak Residence
Hekimoglu Residence
İnanlar Residence
Kazancı Residence
Keleş Residence
Kumova Residence
Kutlu Residence
Küçükkınacı Residence
Selimoğlu Residence
Şenyer Residence
Tunç Residence
Türkoğlu Residence
Yalçınkaya Residence
Yılmaz Residence
Yurter Residence


Delimonti Bedesten
Delimonti Şişli
Fisho Paladium
Kiva Bedesten
Kiva Şişli
Mado Restaurants
Sait Fish Bodrum Marina
Sele Restaurant Next Level
Sele Restaurant Turkcell
Toro Steak House Kuleli
Toro Steak House Koşuyolu


3D3 Mining & Estate
Arte Tahir Çelik
Emin Automotiv & Estate Head Office
EOS Optic Shop
FHS Tourism
İlker Erdoğan Ağız ve Diş Sağlığı Polikliniği
Jinemer Çiftehavuzlar
Jinemer Koşuyolu
La Deco De Petit
Selvi Carpet Classic
Selvi Carpet Modern